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GMEChangers Bootcamps

Our Bootcamps are foundational entrepreneurship development courses for teens across the country aged 14 - 19. Each Bootcamp is 9-10 weeks and gives students the opportunity to explore entrepreneurship through hands-on, practical applications. Throughout the program students are exposed to people, places to help them better understand and gain access to the entrepreneurship ecosystem. 


  • Bootcamp I - “Ideate” - Our foundational course in entrepreneurship, that teaches the basics of how to think like an entrepreneur & how to ideate a viable business solution. This 10-week program, , teaches the basics of how to think like an entrepreneur, strategies and tactics of generating a strong & viable business idea - and a host of soft skills that will ensure our young entrepreneurs' success.

  • Bootcamp II - “Activate” - Our 2nd level course in entrepreneurship, where participants take a validated idea for a product or service, and build an MVP to go to market. Students learn to better understand the customer journey, market research and will have the opportunity to test their idea in the marketplace. 

  • Bootcamp III - "Accelerate" - Our summer Accelerator is designed for teens who have business ideas and need more resources to execute that idea AND teens who are already running businesses, but need more support to grow their company. Through our 9-week program, they'll be connected to the resources, coaches, curriculum and support needed to launch and grow their business. As a participant of the accelerator, students will also gain access to startup capital to help support the growth of their business through our culminating event, Pitch Black - a student pitch competition. 

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