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The Challenge 

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Gray Matter Presents:

A social impact idea challenge 

Are you a #gmechanger?

Do you have a business idea to rebuild your community?

Here's your chance to win over $2,500 in prizes to get it started!

Applications are currently closed.

Judging Criteria:

Successful pitches will be those that best demonstrate the following:


  • Social impact -- addresses and has a positive impact on an existing community need or local issue

  • Feasibility -- could be reasonably implemented in the short-term

  • Clarity -- clearly and logically presented

  • Innovation - demonstrates a unique solution, or an existing solution in a unique way

  • Bonus Points

    • “Wow” factor - passion, storytelling, and other intangibles that demonstrate a strong sense of connection to the project

    • Initiative alignment -- alignment with Gray Matter’s mission and priorities, being community-driven, sustainable, and encouraging the uplifting of the collective

If you have any questions about this challenge, please email 

The Gray Matter Experience.

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