Lip Locker, an all­ natural lipstick company offering Do-­It­-Yourself lip color solutions to enable women to craft the perfect shade to complement their skin tone.

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RecruiTeen, an app using GPS positioning to tackle high teen unemployment by connecting teens with part-­time job opportunities.


Chi­Chic Boutique, a custom resale & cosmetics shop for special occasions, providing discounted formal wear to underserved students.

KGO (Kids Going Out), a teen-run events company providing a safe space for teens to convene


The Arkitekt Foundation engages in youth development through tailored curriculum meant to unwrap and hone the leadership capabilities of teenage youth while allowing them to be a catalyst for change on issues plaguing low-income communities. 

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Youth Entrepreneurship League (YEL) , provides opportunities for young entrepreneurs to grow their businesses.


Strength Together, a mental health app providing resources to support teens dealing with mental illness.


Kangaroo, an on-demand hair delivery service for stylists.

Mobeni Fashion, a luxury streetwear brand for young men and women that want to be fashionable in their day to day life

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We believe empowering youth to create their own businesses can have great impact on their own self-worth, perception of the meaning of success, and can positively impact underrepresented neighborhoods across Chicago.

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