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Britney Robbins

CEO & Founder

As a catalyst for social change, Britney Robbins leverages entrepreneurial values to maximize opportunities for economic inclusion. In her role as Founder and CEO of The Gray Matter Experience, she empowers young people to strengthen their ties to self and society through experiential learning and leveraging entrepreneurial values. Since 2016, TGME has connected nearly 1000 Black youth to opportunities that propel their futures forward, serving as the paramount blueprint for entrepreneurship education across the country.

An innovator within Chicago’s business and tech community, Britney has partnered with some of the city’s top venture capital firms and incubators. Through her work with CAST US, a multi-million dollar Black-owned Capital firm and Accelerator, Britney has built connections across generational, financial, and status divides, creating more access and resources for underrepresented entrepreneurs. Most recently, Britney designed and spearheaded the Frederick Douglass Entrepreneurial Development & Leadership Institute (EDLI), a non-profit spinoff of CAST-US dedicated to empowering disinvested entrepreneurs to succeed with personalized connection to an ecosystem of resources and support.

She has been awarded and recognized as a trailblazer and champion for social justice by Essence, Ebony, Forbes, Chicago Bulls, Ariel Investments, City of Chicago and others for her significant contributions to the corporate, finance, and civic leadership communities.

Britney Robbins
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