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This bright group of teenagers joined the program with a strong determination to equip themselves with the necessary skills to improve their communities. These students were passionate about achieving economic justice and were not afraid to work hard to achieve their goals. They learned to use their creativity, collective experiences, and unique perspectives to develop businesses that will have a lasting impact on their community's development.

Dejashana Boyd

Dejashana Boyd is a sophomore at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign studying Sociology and Psychology and is from East Garfield Park. Ever since she was young, she knew she wanted to work with people - youth especially. Deja says she has lived in enough low-income neighborhoods to know that the status and the quality of life for Black people can be improved. She is determined to reach back to Black communities like hers and help her fellow roses from concrete blossom into the beautifully, Black, successful beings they are.


Deja believes that with the right amount of effort and collaboration, a lot of inequities within Black neighborhoods can be improved. She wishes to create more opportunities for youth to receive mentorship, realize their potential, and harvest their talents. “We are capable of amazing things and it is about time that we ensure that every young Black boy and girl that they truly can grow up to achieve greatness. SAY IT LOUD!”

Jarrius Carroll

Jarrius Carroll

Jarrius Carroll is a Junior at Walter Payton College Prep. Jarrius is very involved at school being the president of the Black Student Union, a member of the Latin American Coalition, a dancer in Latin Dance Fusion and a Hip Hop dance team at Payton called TAK, and a mentor to the entire freshman class.  He is a constant advocate for the equality and equity of all minority groups at Payton and promotes equity within the education system.  Jarrius now is working on starting his own podcast talking about everything from a teen's perspective. Jarrius is also a model for his classmates in AP photography. Jarrius now is one of the student ambassadors of Payton. 

McKayla Carruthers

McKayla Carruthers

McKayla Carruthers is a sophomore at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign studying Finance. McKayla says she joined The Gray Matter Experience because she needed the exposure. Her parents are both entrepreneurs and strongly encouraged her to pursue the same path. McKayla started her entrepreneurial pursuits by selling handmade bracelets and keychains in elementary school. In high school, she ran a natural hair shop from her living room for a brief period and is looking forward to launching her next venture. McKayla says she just wants to start a business that will help her community while doing something she loves, at the same time.

Maya Cooks

Maya Cooks

Maya Cooks is a sophomore at the University of Illinois at Chicago majoring in Entrepreneurship with a minor in Gender and Women's Studies. She is a resident of the Ashburn neighborhood. Maya is the co-founder of Stylish Rebellion, a business created by two black women entrepreneurs to provide positive representation of marginalized groups in America through fashion, styling, webcomics, and dolls. Her interests are in the fields of creative writing, fashion, queer culture, doll design, and social justice.


She uses her platform as a blogger at UIC Radio to voice the social injustices that are happening in her community and on campus. Maya believes that Western society will continue to limit the demonstration of queer culture and (positive) representation of marginalized groups in media until individuals from those groups stand up and take action against it.  As an entrepreneur, Maya is determined to create content that will instill self-love and confidence in consumers of various cultural backgrounds.  

Lameka Hayes

Lameka Hayes

Lameka Hayes is a second-year student at DePaul University studying Business Management honors and minoring in Graphic Design. She also studies Real Estate Finance with a plan to own an interior design firm for commercial flipping. Lameka grew up in the city of Chicago and its surrounding West and South suburbs. Realizing the socioeconomic divides and the lack of resources/investment between communities of colors and those that are not, she dedicated her life's purpose to serving underprivileged communities.


She actively volunteers at a South Loop Soup Kitchen and participates in service trips across the country - working to erase the margins of people experiencing homelessness. Outside of her academic hobbies and interests, she works full time as a resident advisor on campus and an Operations intern for a real estate startup. Lameka is the sole owner of Chi-Chic boutique, a company providing discounted formal wear to underserved students. Chi-Chic is one of many businesses she plans on running to help people in need and to build her empire. 

Yasmine Haynes

Yasmine Haynes

Yasmine Haynes is a senior at Walter Payton College Prep. She’s from South Shore and has lived in both the South and West sides of the city. Yasmine loves to create visual art, specifically drawings and sculptures, and loves to sing. She’s a member of Perfection Girls’ Acapella Group. Yasmine comes from a diverse cultural background, as her mother was born in Panama and my father is of African American and Guyanese heritage. She aspires to have a career that relates to social activism and plans on helping make positive changes to the way that Black people live and connect.


Yasmine is interested in entrepreneurship because she believes that to help the Black community, one of the first things we have to change is where we put our money. By creating and locating Black-owned businesses in Black neighborhoods, we can advocate for cultural empowerment, economic advancement and the improvement of our community.

Jaleea Henderson

Jaleea Henderson

Jaleea Henderson is a recent graduate of UIC College Prep and was raised in the North Lawndale community. Her goal is to become a successful entrepreneur and inspire teens to pursue their future at an early age. Jaleea says although there are no programs in her community where teens can pursue their careers at an early age, the community has started an apprenticeship where teens can sign up for classes like knitting, poetry, music, etc. Through this opportunity, Jaleea became interested in working for herself and joined The Gray Matter Experience to help learn how to use her passions to make an impact.

Jordan Lewis

Jordan Lewis

Jordan Lewis is a young emerging entrepreneur from the South Shore neighborhood. Jordan is a sophomore at Trinity College studying Public Policy and Law. Lewis also placed 2nd in our 2nd Annual Pitch Black Competition and is the Founder of Kids Going Out (KGO), LLC. KGO is a teen-run event company that provides a safe space and events for teens to convene and network. As one of Urban Prep Academies (his alma mater) top-ranking seniors academically, he has proven and demonstrated leadership skills needed in our communities today. Growing up in the South Shore neighborhood, Jordan has seen the highs and lows of his community. Because of this exposure, his career goal is to become an Urban Planner and help make communities like his better.


Jordan, known as ‘Big Lew’ by his peers, is a rising DJ who has become a well-known name amongst teenagers in Chicago. He is the creator of KGOFest, Chicago’s largest teen party that boasts an attendance of over 1,000. KGO Fest also displays young music artists from Chicago and allows for young fashion designers to display their work as well. Amongst several accolades and achievements, Jordan takes pride in being a Posse Scholar who is headed to Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut in the fall of 2018. He plans to major in Urban Studies. From there, he plans to begin his Urban Planning career. Jordan is hoping to use the skills and resources from The Gray Matter Experience to grow and expand his business and find more ways to improve communities like his. 

Jovoney Morton

Jovoney Morton

Jovoney Morton is a sophomore at Howard University studying Supply Chain Management. As a teen growing up on the South side of Chicago dealing with gun violence in many capacities -including having family friends struck down by it, family members incarcerated by it, and being at events where it has erupted, she wants to combat that problem. Another problem she would like to tackle is expanding resources for Chicago teens to explore the various options available to them both school and career-wise.


Jovoney wants to provide a safe environment for Chicago youth to enjoy themselves, showcase their talents, and obtain mentorship without fearing for their safety. She hopes to provide a one-stop shop for Chicago teens to reach their goals and become greater than their environment. "With the right resources and opportunities, anyone - despite their background, neighborhood, education, and race, can pave their own way." Jovoney hopes to gain those resources and opportunities through The Gray Matter Experience.

Melvin Olive

Melvin Olive

Melvin Olive is a freshman at DePaul University. Over the years he accomplished many great things which include 1st place selections for various science projects and class competitions. Melvin is considered a strategic, competitive, and passionate thinker. His plans for the future include establishing an investment firm that invests in minority-owned businesses. He also has plans to establish a brain-to-computer interface company and possibly an interior/architecture design firm. Melvin leveraged his education at Lindblom Math and Science Academy to study Mandarin and elevate his science and math foundation. He believes that a strong connection to technology will enable the world to become a better place overall. What pushes Melvin to meet his goals the most? The concept of utilizing technology to elevate human living.

Jordan Quinn

Jordan Quinn

Jordan Quinn is a recent graduate from Lindblom MSA. Jordan is taking a gap year as he works on his business, Manza - a Black business directory with a social mission. Jordan hopes to create a more efficient way to buy and sell Black with his business, Manza. Jordan identifies himself as a student/actor/gamer/technologist/ entrepreneur and Black activist from the Southside of Chicago. Jordan says he’s been interested in technology since he was a child and in entrepreneurship since his mom started her own business. He was able to watch the business and his mom grow through the process, to the point that it became a sustainable form of income for a family of two.


Jordan believes that generational wealth is the key to development in the Black community and it’s one of his personal life goals to achieve. He believes that although there are many ways to go about achieving generational wealth, entrepreneurship is not only the best but most needed solution in the Black community because it allows an avenue for Black people to support their communities, which is self-beneficial and establishes a positive cycle for continued prosperity. His goal is to build a better future for everyone and hopes to do everything he can to achieve that.

Lloyd Rice

Lloyd Rice

Lloyd Rice is a senior at St. Ignatius College Prep and a resident of the Morgan Park/Beverly area. Lloyd says he is pursuing entrepreneurship because he would like to attain enough resources to not have to worry about money anymore. He believes that entrepreneurship can help him and others bring more economic stability to the Black community which is greatly needed. He says "We have people that can change things for the better our community, all we need is to provide them opportunities." When not pursuing his entrepreneurial endeavors, Lloyd likes to play soccer and run track. His other interests include beekeeping, designing sneakers and apparel items, dabbling in stocks, cooking/baking, and creating various forms of art, such as music and drawings.

Rakeem Seaton

Rakeem Seaton

Rakeem Seaton is a senior at UIC College Prep and lives in the West Garfield Park community. At UIC College Prep, Rakeem plays the Alto Saxophonist in the school concert band and in the school Jazz band – he’s been playing for six years! Rakeem says his community is a part of who he is. He says he’s witnessed too many people not see the beauty that is within their community. Rakeem likes to practice what he preaches by remaining active in his community. He’s done over 100 community service hours, has been a part of the Chicago Police Explorers program, and has participated in marches and protests to convince people to put the guns down.


Rakeem says he wants the world to know that Black people are special and can do anything they put their minds to. He aims to showcase the talent that we each possess within. Rakeem loves working with people and working in teams. He’s a member of Rugby, Football, Lacrosse and Basketball teams and is also in the Marine Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) program at his school. Rakeem joined The Gray Matter Experience to help equip himself with the tools needed to further impact his community.

Ezekiel Stevens

Ezekiel Stevens

Ezekiel Stevens is a sophomore at Morehouse College studying Business Finance. Growing up in a broken home of six, his family struggled financially – forcing them to move six times and him to attend five different grammar schools. Moving from the Eastside of Chicago to Beverly was a culture shock Zeke experienced, that molded his mindset to strive for greater. He believes God allowed him to endure his struggles so his later years would be a gradual incline of positivity and greatness.


This experience helped to create a mindset that loves failures - using them as motivation and staring fear in the face and knocking it down. Zeke is currently working on a social hydration bag called “Cactus Pac” through his high school. He also customizes and restores shoes and runs a successful apparel business which he sets up outside of the Chicago Cubs and Bulls games. Through Gray Matter, he hopes to network and gain more knowledge to ensure success which will allow him to touch lives and give back.

Jakaija Truitt

Jakaija Truitt

Jakaija Truitt is a freshman at DePaul University studying Biology Pre Med & Nursing. Jakaija is also a co-founder of Chi Chic Boutique - a company providing discounted formal wear to underserved students and currently resides in the Chatham neighborhood. Jakaija has a strong passion for Medicine and has dreams of becoming a trauma surgeon for the United States Military. She’s also passionate about the advancement of Black people, the preservation of Black culture, and improving the socioeconomic standings of Black people at all levels.


Growing up, she was raised in the suburbs and attended predominantly white institutions where she was often isolated, racially profiled and deemed a threat without any negative action. Through it all, she was able to find her worth and use her experience to facilitate change, be the change that she wanted to see and create her path to help children so that they would not have to experience what she did. Jakaija wants to create change to show young Black girls and boys that they are beautiful, possess greatness, and can achieve anything they set their minds to.

Shaniya Washington

Shaniya Washington

Shaniya Washington is a recent graduate of Whiting High School in Whiting, Indiana. She spends most of her time on the South Shore and is interested in graphic design and editing. Shaniya currently runs a graphic design business, Niya Chris Prints, where she creates personal logos, cartoons, posters, t-shirt designs and more, which she’s run since late 2016. She has given back to her community by creating posters and t-shirt designs for the South Shore High School Reunion picnic and has done work for her school making Snapchat filters for football, basketball games, and special events. Shaniya is hopeful that the Gray Matter Experience will provide her with the knowledge needed to be a successful entrepreneur.

Dartonya Wright

Dartonya Wright is a recent graduate of Gwendolyn Brooks College Prep Academy and resides in Chicago, Illinois. Dartonya is a creative individual whose main goal is to improve the neighborhood that she grew up in - Englewood. She made an impact in her community by joining an organization called TRACE. There she solves many community issues by reimagining art, community, and environment. She brings dedication, collaboration, and creativity into any project she’s involved with, which helps her to create impressive pieces of work.


One of her hidden talents is her analytical skills which she showcased in the Stock Market Game by Econ Illinois, and was honored as the first-place winner of the 2015 edition. In the Stock Market game, she was able to get an almost 14% financial gain within a few months. This further highlights her skills for analyzing data, taking risks, and making good decisions when it comes to finance. In her spare time, she likes to write poetry, connect the dots to conspiracy theories and brainstorm new business ideas.

Dartonya Wright
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