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We are more than just a program, we are a supportive community of changemakers who are committed to fueling dreams. Our innovative bootcamps, immersive national partner programs, and foundational experiences, including internships and pitch competitions, provide a unique pathway for Black youth ages 14 to 24 to build a future in business and innovation.

Our tuition-free programs use a nationally-recognized curriculum designed by Black leaders that cultivates an entrepreneurial mindset, embracing innovation, authentic leadership, and proactive problem-solving across all career paths. 

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As catalysts we connect young Black people to entrepreneurial education and experiences that ignite their unrealized possibilities. Beginning with the IDEATE stage, where creativity is ignited in a boot camp setting, our students progress to the ACTIVATE stage, transforming ideas into actionable plans. Finally, in the ACCELERATE stage, they catapult their projects to success, leaving a lasting impact on their communities.

ACCELERATE is a bootcamp tailored for innovative teens ages 14 to 18 who possess intermediate or advanced entrepreneurial knowledge. Whether they’re running their own business or leading social impact initiatives, this program supports their leadership pathway toward wealth creation and becoming confident, catalysts for change. 

The Intrapreneurship Track guides teens in adopting an entrepreneurial mindset within their workplace experience, providing a paid business internship, access to ongoing development resources, and a supportive environment to foster innovation.

The Entrepreneurship Track blends asynchronous learning modalities with real-world content from subject matter and industry experts. The program culminates with seed funding, business coaching, and ongoing mentorship.


Program Begins June 17, 2024

Location: Hybrid 

Program Eligibility:  Innovative teens ages 14 to 18 who possess intermediate or advanced entrepreneurial knowledge

Teens choose from two immersive tracks that span 12 hours per week over 6 weeks

Students who choose the entrepreneurship track will participate in Pitch Black, our high-visibility pitch competition where they can practice sharing their minimum viable product with investors and community members and receive additional seed funding, pro bono resources and support.

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Pitch Black

 After completing bootcamps with The Gray Matter Experience, our young Black change agents ages 14 to 18 can bring what they’ve learned to Pitch Black, our signature event for pitching business ideas rooted in community and social impact. This unrivaled opportunity unlocks our teens’ limitless potential to disrupt the status quo and be catalysts for change. It propels them toward seed funding and pro bono resources for their business, additional leadership opportunities, and positive change in their communities.

Working at Outdoor Cafe

Are you a young visionary, 18-24, with a side hustle that you want to grow into a sustainable business? We've got the solution for you!

Hustle Hacks is an interactive, 8-week virtual cohort program tailored specifically for business owners aged 18 to 24. Our mission is simple: to provide you with the people, tools, and funding needed to turn your side hustle into a thriving venture.


Personal Development

Our programs not only enhance entrepreneurial skills but also cultivate resilience, adaptability, and effective communication - equipping individuals with the tools necessary to navigate life's challenges and pursue personal growth with confidence.


Our programs offer workshops and networking events tailored to enhance communication, relationship-building, and professional networking capabilities. Sessions often include icebreakers, group discussions, and role-playing exercises designed to help individuals overcome social barriers, initiate conversations, and establish meaningful connections.

Future Careers

Entrepreneurship programs foster creativity, innovation, and a proactive mindset - qualities highly sought after by employers in today's competitive job market. The networking opportunities and mentorship provided through our programs can open doors to internships, job placements, and even entrepreneurial ventures, laying a strong foundation for long-term career success.

College Applications

Participating in an entrepreneurship program in high school significantly enhances college applications by showcasing a student's initiative, creativity, and leadership potential. Our programs offer hands-on experience in business development, fostering skills like problem-solving, teamwork, and strategic thinking.


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Cohort 2 Alumni



Cohort 4 Alumni

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Cohort 2 Alumni

If you’d like more information about our programs or have questions, contact us below

Do You Have Questions About Our Programs?

  • Costs
    The costs of the Hustle Hacks program are as follows, based on the level that you opt into: - Level 1: $65 - Level 2: $85 - Level 3: $100 No, payment is not required until you are accepted into the program. Financial assistance may be available based on need
  • Eligibility
    Hustle Hacks is for any young entrepreneur between the ages of 18-24. You do not need to be currently enrolled in school to participate.
  • Time & Location
    Hustle Hacks is an at-your-own-pace program, with self-guided online content in the form of 5-20 minute videos recorded by industry professionals. There are four 90 minute live group sessions that take place: Thursday, May 23, 2024 (5:00 pm-6:30 pm) Thursday, June 6, 2024 (5:00 pm-6:30 pm) Thursday, June 13, 2024 (5:00 pm-6:30pm) Thursday, June 20, 2024 (5:00 pm-6:30 pm)
  • Application Tips
    The application includes questions about who you are, your team, business, and a two-minute introductory video. ​​For the video submission, we want you to shine and showcase who you are as an individual. To craft a strong application: Share Your Vision: Articulate your long-term goals and vision for your entrepreneurial journey. Provide Complete Responses: Address all aspects of the question in your response thoroughly. Personalize Your Application: Tailor your application to reflect your unique strengths, interests, and experiences. Highlight Achievements: Emphasize any relevant achievements or experiences that demonstrate your entrepreneurial spirit Showcase Your Passion and Initiative: Highlight your genuine interest in entrepreneurship and innovation.
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