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Our Programs

The Gray Matter Experience empowers young Black people to disrupt the status quo, mobilize innovative ideas, and champion their communities


Gray Matter provides an environment and community where Black students can explore business and creative areas within an innovative space - fostering the development of entrepreneurial skills, mindsets, self-agency, and the transferability of these skills and mindsets into school, career, and life.


Our students gain knowledge, access and resources to transform the way they and others view their communities. They collaborate to develop solutions around problems that plague their communities and use their newfound knowledge gained through The Gray Matter Experience, to help shape their business approach.


Introductory bootcamp, IDEATE offers the opportunity to jump-start business and leadership training. Teens foster genuine connections with fellow forward- thinkers and industry leaders in a safe and welcoming environment where imagination has no limits.




 Students will evolve the business idea they dreamed up in IDEATE into a minimum viable product to take to market and impact their community. They’ll dive deep into the customer journey, conduct market research, and test their idea for viability.



Whether students are running their own business or leading social impact initiatives, this program supports their leadership pathway toward wealth creation and becoming confident, catalysts for change.
Teens choose from two Tracks: Intrapreneurship or Entrepreneurship.

Students are becoming well equipped to navigate through our booming technological and entrepreneurial economy. They're learning to use the resources and information gained through the program to catapult their futures to great success. They're learning to be change agents within their communities with the hope of continuing to rebuild and reinvigorate their neighborhoods as they achieve various forms of success.


Overall I gained confidence [from my participation in the Hustle Hacks program]. In myself, my businesses and the track of my life. As a recent high-school graduate with no plans on continuing traditional education, I’ve had imposter syndrome as a serial entrepreneur. I’ve yearned to be a part of seminars, classes, programs, etc. with like-minded individuals. Hustle Hacks allowed me to have that space again which reminded me that my avenue IS an avenue. It reminded me that although what I see 99% of the time is college, college, and more college, the road that I’ve taken is also a road to success.

- Janniya Hodge, Cohort 3 & Hustle Hacks Alum

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Hustle Hacks is an interactive, 8-week virtual cohort program designed to upskill business owners ages 

18 to 24 and provide them with the people, tools and funding to see their visions through. 

Hustle Hacks is designed to help teens and young adults who are already running businesses, but need more support to grow and put structure around what they've started. Through our 8-week program, participants will learn best practices for building more effective operations, money management, accounting and bookkeeping, and tips on how to better engage customers.


The program curriculum also focuses on other areas that we see small minority-owned businesses struggling with most, including customer service, marketing and branding, and strategic planning, to name a few. By the end of the program, you'll be connected to the resources, coaches, and support you need to launch and grow your business. 

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