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There is a racial wealth and education gap. We're here to use entrepreneurship to narrow the gap.

Only 54% of Gen Z believe the education system is preparing them for the future of work. Employers feel similarly, often finding that new employees don’t have the required skill sets to succeed.

Our programs, centered on entrepreneurial education, shift thinking from curiosity to action — preparing the next generation of Black changemakers to thrive in any career path they choose. As our in-demand educational framework continues to expand across the country, we need accomplished leaders like you with the passion to drive impact. 


We Believe

Young Black entrepreneurs need to experience a safe place to explore their cultural identity and receive equitable exposure and resources to aid them in their entrepreneurial and life journey.

The Gray Matter Experience provides the space for Black youth to engage in intentional programming to test new ideas, collaborate with peers, and gain exposure to people, places, and knowledge that cultivate The Gray Matter Experience Entrepreneurial Traits™  of positive self-concept, positive racial identity, savvy decision-making, innovation, social change agency and motivated mindset which leads to Black youth developing the business acumen and networks to navigate the entrepreneurial ecosystem and take their place as leaders and innovators in the economy.

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SINCE 2016


students served across the city to expose them to entrepreneurship


teen social entrepreneurs have been directly supported by TGME


invested in seed funding and pro bono services into 9 teen-founded companies

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of students agree that their unique life experience, the community they’re from and the challenges they’ve faced, are helpful in coming up with solutions to problems after participating in our programs

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of students say they feel they have access to the resources needed to start a business after participating in our programs

In contrast to previous business education models that often offered vague promises to Black entrepreneurs, our approach champions a different and fresh perspective, framed by our Signature Entrepreneurial Traits

These traits, cultivated through engagement in TGME's unique programming, set us apart by addressing the most urgent social and economic challenges faced by young people in a more genuine and audacious way. 

 It’s our mission to equip the next generation of Black visionaries and changemakers with the ability to see Blackness as a source of power and gateway to opportunity


Our programs teach the importance of leveraging innovation as continuous improvement – through action, planning, and analyzing complex problems with novel thinking


TGME champions positive self-concept as a key trait in having a strong sense of

self-worth and self-advocacy. Building a positive self-concept plays a crucial role in shaping a budding visionaries’ overall sense of belonging, positive public image, and ability to sustain continued growth


We aim to equip young Black people with the ability to make caring and constructive choices about personal and outward-facing situations, despite these limiting factors


TGME empowers young change agents to initiate projects and draw from historical insights to devise innovative and effective solutions for community challenge


The motivated mindset, especially for young Black people, empowers them to lead with an enduring internal drive, enabling them to overcome personal and societal factors and

seize opportunities

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Join us on our mission in bridging the knowledge and wealth gap in the Black community, and equipping the next generation of changemakers to excel in a global economy. 

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