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Innovative Ideas


At TGME, we are proud to support student entrepreneurs and their innovative ideas. Whether it's a mental health application or an all-natural custom lip stick brand, we provide the resources and support necessary to bring these ideas to fruition. We believe in nurturing and encouraging the next generation of entrepreneurs to create life-changing solutions that can make a real difference in the world
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Lip Locker is a unique and innovative lipstick company that specializes in providing all-natural DIY lip color solutions to women. Their products enable women to craft the perfect shade of lipstick that complements their unique skin tone and personal style.

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RecruiTeen is a mobile application designed to address the high rate of unemployment among teenagers by leveraging GPS positioning to connect them with part-time job opportunities. The app is aimed at providing teenagers with a platform to explore and apply for suitable job openings in their locality. 


Chi-Chic Boutique is a unique custom resale and cosmetics shop that specializes in providing affordable formal wear to underserved students for their special occasions. At Chi-Chic Boutique, customers can find a wide range of discounted formal wear options, including dresses, suits, and accessories.


The Arkitekt Foundation engages in youth development through tailored curriculum meant to unwrap and hone the leadership capabilities of teenage youth while allowing them to be a catalyst for change on issues plaguing low-income communities. 

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Youth Entrepreneurship League (YEL) is a platform that offers a range of opportunities and resources for young entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses. YEL provides guidance, mentorship, training, and funding support to help budding entrepreneurs navigate the challenges and complexities of the business world.

KGO, which stands for Kids Going Out, is an events company that is entirely run by teenagers. This unique company is dedicated to providing a safe and welcoming space for teens to gather and socialize.


Strength Together, is a mental health app mental health app that offers a plethora of resources to support teenagers who are struggling with mental illness. The app aims to create a safe and supportive space for teenagers to access the resources they need to cope with mental illness and lead fulfilling lives.


Kangaroo is a hair delivery service that provides on-demand delivery of hair products to hair stylists. With Kangaroo, hair stylists can easily and quickly get the hair products they need without having to leave their salon. The service is designed to make it easier for hair stylists to focus on their clients by eliminating the time and effort involved in sourcing hair products from suppliers.


Simp Now, is ​the first fully functional social and dating app that is changing the way people meet, connect, and live their everyday life.

Simp Now prioritizes making dating easier, you can schedule dates within the app in seconds.


Team TLSA: Alyiah Ellsworth, Dermyrius Lindsey-Lewis, and Justin Lindberg - were the first place winners of the challenge. Their social impact idea is TLSA which is the digital rebirth of Black Wall Street. With an e-commerce website and mobile app conceptually in between Amazon and a budgeting app, their goal is to increase the volume and retention of capital in the Black community.



Meet our 2nd place winner - Jacob Zhang. His social impact idea is Easyponics, which battles food insecurity by providing simple and affordable hydroponic gardening solutions to the community. By placing the hydroponic systems in community gardens and public spaces, Easyponics can diminish the number of food deserts in Chicago.


The Beginning Center 

In 3rd place, we had Nicholas Holden! His social impact idea is The Beginning Center — a birthing and recovery center that cherishes Black mothers.

Gray Matter Cover Final-05.jpg

Our students continue to produce a diverse range of projects and achievements that showcase the transformative power of entrepreneurship and community-focused innovation.

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