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Unleashing Creativity and Innovation at IDEAS Fest

Creativity, Innovation and Imagination! Over the past 10 weeks, our students have been busy. They've been working collaboratively with their teams and cohort members, generating innovative solutions to solve big challenges.

On Saturday, they showcased these ideas at IDEAS Fest! Young people presented their innovative and impactful solutions to an audience of parents, mentors, and industry leaders, who gave them valuable feedback. We’re so thankful for our Drop-In Mentors for playing a pivotal role by working with teens over the past few months and nurturing a new generation of creative thinkers and problem solvers. Our students shared their incredible journey, highlighting how IDEAS Fest served as a powerful launchpad that will propel them into the next phase - ACTIVATE.

“Going into Ideate I knew that entrepreneurship was about being your own boss and making a lot of decisions that go through you, but there is a lot more that you learn about the process. I created an invention and had no idea how to market it or take it somewhere. Ideate was able to help me know what my next steps will be for this product I invented and how to make it successful.” Siena Martorina, Lincoln Park H.S. Junior

“I was craving to learn how to be an entrepreneur.  Finally, I have the answers to the questions of marketing, economics and how to make money. Now I am filled up with that information.” Kerht McGee, Harold L. Richards H.S. Senior

Serving as a powerful launchpad, IDEAS Fest will propel these innovative students into our next program, ACTIVATE. In this phase of the program, their inspiring, actionable ideas will evolve and mature into tangible prototypes. These ideas have the potential to disrupt markets and create meaningful impact.

Thank you to our volunteers, field trip partners, caterers, and everyone who contributed to the success of this event and to the young people in our 2023 IDEATE cohort.


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